Set-up and Submission Process

Safe & Sound Education places a high emphasis on customer service and client experience from the start. Since each client relationship is unique, we foster the relationship by setting up meetings and calls with each new client to set expectations and begin building trust. Whether it’s a customized data set search or an ATS integration, the Safe & Sound Education team wants to ensure a program is set up to meet your exact needs.

Once the relationship between the client and Safe & Sound Education is established, account set-up takes place in three steps.

Account Set-up Process:

  • Account Information (username, phone, fax, email), Articles of Incorporation (if applicable)
  • Signed End User Agreement
  • Training

* Depending on the components of the program, turnaround times range from an instant to 48 hours.

The Safe & Sound Education process for submitting background checks is simple and straightforward. Each user receives a username and password along with a welcome letter. The user accesses the Safe & Sound Education web-based platform and proceeds through the steps below.

Safe & Sound Education Background Check Submission Process:

  • Login
  • Select Desired Searches
  • Enter Applicant Data
  • Submit Order
  • Review Report

Safe & Sound Education Batch Processing

Batch ordering is a standard process for Safe & Sound Education. Batch ordering is done via a formatted CSV file that is enclosed and is specific to client requirements. Safe & Sound Education can generate orders of any amount: 10 to 100,000 to 500,000 and more. Once the format is set up and filled out, all searches are imported and processed by simply clicking an upload button. With the information in the system, Safe & Sound Education can quickly and easily rerun any search.

The dedicated Safe & Sound Education customer support team can answer your questions should any issues arise.

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