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When combined with State Criminal Database search and FBI Fingerprinting, Safe & Sound Education criminal background checks provide the most comprehensive background screening solution for schools. Safe & Sound Education can be used to effectively and efficiently screen employees, volunteers, visitors and others on the school premises.

Safe & Sound Education background checks are comprised of the following, or a combination of the following.

National Criminal Database Search

Our National Criminal Database Search searches an array of databases and data sets compiled by Safe & Sound Education. This robust, confidential data set is refreshed in different intervals depending on the source. For more details about our databases and data sets, please contact Safe & Sound Education.

Based on the Social Security number (SSN) provided, the Safe & Sound Education Address Information Manager provides up-to-date information on an applicant’s past addresses, aliases, alternate names and moving patterns. All names, addresses and dates of birth uncovered are automatically run through our Criminal Offender Profile Summary service. This service is a robust, multi-jurisdictional search tool that returns criminal offender information as well as sex offender registry data and known terrorists and fugitive watch list data from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), FBI Terrorist List and Federal/State/Local Wanted Fugitives list.

County Criminal Search

The most accurate criminal records are primarily stored at the county courthouses throughout the nation. Safe & Sound Education can preform county searches in all counties within the US. As with our National Searches, SSN is required for County Searches. We develop a list of addresses by accessing the Social Security Administration, Credit Headers information and other sources. Once an address history is developed, we check the corresponding counties.

Our process is notably different than our competitors, who often search upper courts and typically charge additional fees for searching lower, municipal and superior levels. All Safe & Sound Education searches are performed to determine if a prospective employee or volunteer has a misdemeanor, felony or infraction filing related to a reportable conviction.

Safe & Sound Education County Criminal searches are completed using two different processes. The first is by a court researcher, an actual person who searches for records within the Primary Index of a courthouse. Safe & Sound Education also uses Teseract, an electronic pipeline built to extract records, which is much faster and more efficient than a court researcher. To further ensure the data obtained is both accurate and current, each record extracted by Teseract is reviewed by a Safe & Sound Education specialist prior to generating the report.

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