The foundation to the Safe & Sound Education approach is built on being 100% complaint with the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

When performing database searches, FCRA Section 613 requires providers of employment-related background checks containing public records follow procedures to notify the consumer that public information is being reported. To address this requirement, we employ a fully automatic system that alerts an applicant. Should a discrepancy be discovered in the background check, we immediately send an electronic copy of the report, along with a 613 letter, directly to the applicant at no cost to our clients.

If an applicant deems the information inaccurate, we maintain a dedicated 800 number solely for disputes as well as a dedicated email for electronic dispute submissions. In addition, our strong relationship with a premier nationwide employment law firm grants clients free access to basic employment law questions and answers through our web portal.

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