Certifications and Memberships

J.D. Palatine is committed to giving you the best experience that our industry has to offer. The following certifications and memberships allow us to strengthen our core business practices and maintain our position at the leading edge of background and screening technology.


Cybertrust Logo

Cybertrust is one of the industry’s leading names in business security. Combining the latest developments in technology with the highest standards of professionalism and compliance, a Cybertrust certification is the mark of a true leader in the security field.

SSL Logo

SSL technology allows for completely secure encryption of sensitive information being sent online. Having this certificate enables us to authenticate information before it can ever be released.



National Association of Professional Background Screeners
This non-profit trade association promotes ethical business practices and compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It also fosters awareness of issues related to consumer protection and privacy rights within the background screening industry.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association
The mission of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association is to provide education, resources and advocacy to those involved in drug and alcohol testing.

Asis Logo

American Society for Industrial Security
The American Society for Industrial Security is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational programs and materials that address security interests.

If you would like more information regarding our various certifications and memberships, feel free to contact us.

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